Dog and Cat Grooming in El Cajon CA

Dog and Cat Grooming

We believe bathing and grooming are essential for a healthy pet. We use organic shampoos, conditioners and flea dips, making your pet look, feel and smell wonderful.  

Our grooming services include the following: nails trimmed, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed, two baths and a creamy conditioner.   Baths start at $35 and up depending on size of your dog. Haircut and baths start at $60 and up depending on your dogs size.

ALL PRICES are contingent on your pets size, coat condition and temperament.

 Cats are different than dogs in many ways.  Cat baths start at $60 and haircuts and baths start at $90.

Prices will vary depending on size, temperament, condition and time taken to properly groom your pet.  We can give you a better idea of the cost once we see your pet and go over them in the salon.

With over 80 years combined experience. Your  pet is guaranteed to leave feeling better than ever and ready to show off.   Doesn’t your pet deserve the works?!


Additional Services


Wash N Go


This service is for those who just need a clean pet.  It consists on a bath and a towel dry.  This service is not available to double coated breeds or matted pets.

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